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IPE Advisor provides engineers, buyers, and project managers with independent, unbiased third-party advice, transparent benchmark pricing, and RFQ tools they need to purchase industrial pollution equipment with confidence. With IPE Advisor, engineers can get budget costs, buyers can research suppliers and send RFQs to multiple suppliers with one click. Learn more about IPE Advisor today.

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We will tell you which 3-4 equipment suppliers are the best fit for your project based on: industry, application, type of equipment, size of unit, and what's most important to you -- whether it's price, reliability, quality, customer service, warranty, or many other factors.

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We guarantee prompt quotes from suppliers and always the best price. At IPE Advisor, suppliers know they are bidding against 3-4 other quality competitors, so you'll always get the best prices the first time.
We give you cost benchmarks for your RFQ by comparing your RFQ to similar quotes we've facilitated in the past. We will send you pricing comps as soon as you submit the RFQ.
It's completely FREE for you. We charge suppliers a small fee for using our service. This also helps keep prices low because suppliers don't have to pay a huge commission on your deal.
By going through IPE Advisor and not a Sales Rep, the supplier doesn't have to pay a 5% commission which can often be more than $50,000 in savings (if the price is over $1M). Use IPE Advisor today and save everyone money.

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